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We have the solutions to all your drainage problems. Our state of the art high pressure water jetting equipment is environmentally friendly and we do not use chemicals.

Our state of the art nozzles such as warthogs, crossfires, bombs, ploughs and drain jets can cover every aspect of drain cleaning and unblocking with amazing efficiency.We use the latest high pressure drain jetting equipment to clear dirt and blockages to bring your drainage system back to full capacity. We will be able to tell you what is causing the problem and give you tips on preventing blockages and avoiding future drain cleaning.

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A blocked drain is more than a nuisance. Left unattended it can rapidly become a hazardous problem that effects your entire home. Fortunately at Drain Blitz our expert team are ready to help 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We will diagnose the problem and fix your drain safely and effectively without breaking the bank.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free!

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Drainage Repairs in Tayside

Drain Blitz offer a total repair package from a leaking water pipe to installation of new drainage system. Repairs are found after a full CCTV survey has been carried out by our trained technicians. We can then determine the best solution to carry out repairs from excavation works to re-lining.

Confined Space Entry Team

Drain Blitz confined space entry team are trained in entering all kinds of confined spaces i.e. tanks, manholes, voids and main sewers. This can be used to repair drains, or for a survey of the condition of the sewer.

Jobs We Do

We can complete a number of jobs under our Drainage Services, We cover Tayside and surrounding areas

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now.

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CCTV Surveys

If we cannot easily spot the cause of a blockage, we can take a closer look with our CCTV equipment. Drain Blitz”s advanced drain CCTV survey technology is the best and most cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one in the future, a Drain Blitz CCTV drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get a instant, detailed look at the conditions of your underground drains.

Drain Blitz use WinCan V8 CCTV professional pipe inspection software

We use specialist camera systems and software to carry out a CCTV drain survey. These drain inspection cameras relay images to a mobile computer unit, so that a technician can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer. And, there’s absolutely no disruption to your property or the environment – its simple.The technology isn”t simple though. In fact, it’s the world”s most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment. Our camera units allow us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey and the specialist software means that you see the results for yourself on DVD, all supported by a full technical report.We also offer a service to home buyers to check drains prior to purchase so they know the integrity of the drainage system. This service could potentially save thousands of pounds.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now.

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New Home Purchase Survey

Do Not Get Caught Out When Buying a New Property

Buying a house is a big financial commitment and the drainage system, or systems, are an integral part of any building and failure in serviceability can cause many obvious problems. For example, the inconvenience and unpleasantness of reoccurring drain blockages, or structural damage within an underground drainage system can also lead and contribute to building subsidence.Drain Blitz provide DVD recordings, a Plan drawing and Drainage Condition report of all underground drains to the point of discharge to a local authorities sewer also if any faults are identified within the properties drainage system a quotation to undertake the necessary repairs or renewals is also enclosed within the survey package. In most cases if a quotation for repairs and renewals is necessary and will be a future liability to the property buyer the vendor should discount all or a percentage of costs from the property purchase price in good will.

What”s Included in The Pre-Home Purchase Survey

Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented handymen. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated plumbers.

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Insurance Claims

If your drains are damaged and in need of repair, Drain Blitz can handle everything for you. More often than not, the cost of repair of damaged private drains is covered under the terms of buildings insurance policies.With your agreement we will speak with your Insurance company and raise the claim with them and we will carry out any repairs that are covered under your policy. On completion of repair works we will then reinstate your property back to its original condition.

How It Works

We”ll ask you to sign a form to give us authority to deal with your insurer on your behalf. You give us your building insurance details and our Office Team will look after your claim until it”s completed.A full plan drawing of property with drainage will be drawn up and issued.Manholes, gullies and inspection chambers will be inspected and referenced.CCTV DVD and coded report will be issued along with any recommendationsPictures of property and effected area will be taken.Once your insurance company tells us your covered, we”ll get on with the repairs and the cost of the CCTV will be covered along with the repairs, the only cost to you will be your insurance excess.If your claim is not covered we will be happy to quote for works and cover the repairs for you on a private basis.

Insurance Works

Planned Maintenance

Drain Blitz planned maintenance is a preventative strategy aimed at keeping drainage systems in good working order. It is in place to service the needs of our commercial and industrial clients. A member of our management team meets with each client to discuss individual requirements. Maintenance contracts can be structured monthly, quarterly, annually or biannually. Planned maintenance helps eliminate work stoppages and prevents secondary problems.

We can offer substantial discounts on emergency call out to clients who utilise this service.

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Water Mains

Until the 1960″s lead was used for almost all water supply pipes and although the water is treated by your local authority, small amounts of lead can find their way into the water you use. This also applies to rust from iron pipes. Drain Blitz Drainage & Plumbing can provide fully qualified tradesmen who are highly trained in their field. The types of work we undertake can range from a small repair to a total replacement of your water supply pipe. Whether you need a new service pipe for your home or a spot repair Drain Blitz can help.

Why Would You Change Your Cold Mains?

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Septic Tank-Treatment Plant-Soakaway Repair or Replacement

If you are having problems with the tank at your propertyIt is possible that problems with your tank can be resolved quickly and easily – for example, by emptying the tank if it is overflowing. This might sound obvious, but your tank could be overflowing for innocent reasons before it is due to be emptied. For example, recent high levels of rainfall, or new members to your family overloading the tank.

Finding out what the Fault is with your septic tank

When you get your tank emptied, ask the tanker driver to let you know if they spot any obvious problems. Sometimes a problem can be obvious, and they can give you an idea of what’s going on. For example, water might be leaking back into the tank, either through the walls of the tank itself, or maybe even coming back in from the soakaway system.  Septic tanks can become damaged in several different ways, for example by tree roots or even by pressure of water causing splits and fractures in the walls of the tank.It’s important to get a thorough tank inspection carried out as soon as possible.  A full inspection involving a CCTV drainage survey and a detailed inspection of the tank walls will be able to determine exactly what the problem is and most importantly, what needs to be done to put it right and solve the problem.Our expert engineers will be able to visit your property and carry out a thorough investigation, letting you know exactly what’s been found on their investigation and the best course of action.

Please not that all septic tanks whose effluent finds its way into a watercourse either directly, or by mistake, must be replaced with sewage treatment plants by 1 January 2020, or BEFORE this date. By SEPA regulations. If not SEPA will issue fines as its pollution to our watercourse causing harm to environment.

Case Studies

Mr Hanson

MR Hanson had multiple contractors out to his property to investigate his septic tank and none of them came up with a permanent solution. Mr Hanson finally called his insurance company as the tank was still overflowing and the insurance company appointed Drain Blitz to carry out survey/investigation works. Initial investigation found that a burst water main was causing pressure on the drainage system. Drain Blitz carried out a spot repair of the water mains supply pipework on site then carried out septic tank investigation works to find that the tank and soakaway had failed. Drain Blitz was then appointed as an approved insurance contractor to replace the system by the insurance company.Please see photos prior to works and after new tank installation.

mr hanson

Mr Mitchell

Mr Mitchell contacted his insurance company as his septic tank was constantly overflowing. His Insurance company appointed Drain Blitz to carry out survey/ investigation works in which site investigation found the septic tank had failed due to root infestation. Drain Blitz engineers also found that the septic tank was discharging into a water course. Drain Blitz then advised the insurance company that a treatment plant should be installed to be in line with current regulations and were appointed to carry out the new installation works.Please see photos prior to works and after new installation.

MR Mitchell 2

Septic Tank Investigation

Moving house? Having problems with your septic tank? You may need a septic tank inspection!

Nobody really wants to think about investigation inside a septic tank to see what’s going on. So call the experts in, call Drain Blitz to help. If you are having trouble with your septic tank, or if you are buying a new property connected to a septic tank, it’s important to get a thorough septic tank survey/inspection carried out.This usually involves emptying the septic tank, and carrying out a CCTV drainage survey of the pipes leading to and from the septic tank itself.  The structure of the tank itself is also checked for any possible damage such as root ingress or cracks, which is usually done with a camera lowered into the tank.

Septic Tank Advice

Pre-Purchase Drainage surveys – Don’t Buy a Property Without One!

If you are buying a new property which is connected to a septic tank, or any other off mains drainage system, a thorough inspection of the system at the property could save you thousands of pounds.  A typical house buyers survey will only take a very basic look at a property’s drainage system.  Often this simply involves lifting manholes to see if the drains are flowing.  In many cases, the surveyor will note that no obvious problems were spotted, but that it would be advisable to get a more thorough drainage survey undertaken.Here at Drain Blitz we get many calls from property owners who didn’t take this advice, and who unfortunately in a matter of months become aware of problems within the property’s septic tank which can be very costly to put right.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the previous owners were even aware of any of the problems though.  This is because some problems underground can take months before they’re noticed above ground.  All this makes it more important that a pre-purchase drainage survey is undertaken, because a quick look see is rarely enough to know if there are any issues.We understand that once you have your heart set on a new home, the last thing you want to find out about is any potential issues – particularly relating to drainage, which is not really a subject that anyone wants to deal with!  But a property’s drainage system is no less integral than its foundations or its roof, and your property is the biggest investment you will ever make, so don’t make a move without knowing exactly what you’re taking on.  If there is trouble brewing underground, it doesn’t need to be bad news.  A thorough inspection will let us know whether there are any problems – and if there are, we can guide you as to exactly what might need to be done.

What’s involved in a Home Buyers Drain Survey.

Our Certified Drainage Surveyor will provide you with easy to read and understand reports which will include:


What if the house is non-mains drainage?

  • Confirmation on whether the septic tank is the right size for the property (as per Building Regulations 2010 Part H – don’t worry if you’ve not come across that before, we’ll explain it all)
  • Whether the system is compliant with current legislation and the new General Binding Rules due in 2020 (don’t be put off by all the legislation talk, that’s why you have us on your side!)
  • Any damage found within the tank such as cracks or splits in the walls, or tree root damage
  • Confirmation that any dip pipes or baffles are in place – these are the things that ensure that the septic tank can separate out the waste, and prevent any of the solid items from leaving the tank (which causes all sorts of soakaway problems.)
  • Any recommendations if problems are found.

We’ll also give you a disc with a copy of any CCTV footage we undertake of the drainage system and a full coded report.

What is a percolation test?

Soakaway systems can be used to take the wastewater from either a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant.  It’s a network of perforated or slotted pipework which allows the waste water to percolate safely through the ground without causing pollution.A percolation test is used to decide whether the soil at a property is suitable for a soakaway system (also known as a drainage field).  If the ground is suitable, a percolation test will then decide how big a soakaway system needs to be.The percolation test itself involves digging three test pits in ground where you are planning to install a soakaway system, and measuring the speed at which the water drains out of the pits. The test is usually carried out over two days.Here’s a picture of a test pit for a percolation test our team have recently undertaken.  You’ll notice the measuring stick that has been used, which helps the engineer to time the speed at which the water drains (or percolates) away.

Do I need a percolation test?

If you are thinking about installing a new soakaway system or replacing an existing one, then the simple answer is yes. If a soakaway system or drainage field is installed in ground which isn’t suitable, or if it’s not the right size to take the wastewater from the property connected to it, then you’re likely to get soakaway problems quite quickly.The Drain Blitz team can manage everything for you – from undertaking the test itself, through to producing a detailed report outlining exactly how the soakaway system should be designed. Then we can install the soakaway for you.

What if a percolation test fails?

A percolation test provides a Vp reading, which measures the speed at which water drains into the ground through the test pits. For the ground to be considered suitable, the reading must be between 15 and 100. Sometimes, percolation tests can fail right from the start, or it might be that the reading sits outside of this acceptable level. If this happens, our team will work to undertake a thorough assessment of all the options available to you.

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