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Septic Tank-Treatment Plant-Soakaway Repair or Replacement

If you are having problems with the tank at your propertyIt is possible that problems with your tank can be resolved quickly and easily – for example, by emptying the tank if it is overflowing. This might sound obvious, but your tank could be overflowing for innocent reasons before it is due to be emptied. For example, recent high levels of rainfall, or new members to your family overloading the tank.

Finding out what the Fault is with your septic tank

When you get your tank emptied, ask the tanker driver to let you know if they spot any obvious problems. Sometimes a problem can be obvious, and they can give you an idea of what’s going on. For example, water might be leaking back into the tank, either through the walls of the tank itself, or maybe even coming back in from the soakaway system.  Septic tanks can become damaged in several different ways, for example by tree roots or even by pressure of water causing splits and fractures in the walls of the tank.It’s important to get a thorough tank inspection carried out as soon as possible.  A full inspection involving a CCTV drainage survey and a detailed inspection of the tank walls will be able to determine exactly what the problem is and most importantly, what needs to be done to put it right and solve the problem.Our expert engineers will be able to visit your property and carry out a thorough investigation, letting you know exactly what’s been found on their investigation and the best course of action.

Please not that all septic tanks whose effluent finds its way into a watercourse either directly, or by mistake, must be replaced with sewage treatment plants by 1 January 2020, or BEFORE this date. By SEPA regulations. If not SEPA will issue fines as its pollution to our watercourse causing harm to environment.

Case Studies

Mr Hanson

MR Hanson had multiple contractors out to his property to investigate his septic tank and none of them came up with a permanent solution. Mr Hanson finally called his insurance company as the tank was still overflowing and the insurance company appointed Drain Blitz to carry out survey/investigation works. Initial investigation found that a burst water main was causing pressure on the drainage system. Drain Blitz carried out a spot repair of the water mains supply pipework on site then carried out septic tank investigation works to find that the tank and soakaway had failed. Drain Blitz was then appointed as an approved insurance contractor to replace the system by the insurance company.Please see photos prior to works and after new tank installation.

mr hanson

Mr Mitchell

Mr Mitchell contacted his insurance company as his septic tank was constantly overflowing. His Insurance company appointed Drain Blitz to carry out survey/ investigation works in which site investigation found the septic tank had failed due to root infestation. Drain Blitz engineers also found that the septic tank was discharging into a water course. Drain Blitz then advised the insurance company that a treatment plant should be installed to be in line with current regulations and were appointed to carry out the new installation works.Please see photos prior to works and after new installation.

MR Mitchell 2

Septic Tank Investigation

Moving house? Having problems with your septic tank? You may need a septic tank inspection!

Nobody really wants to think about investigation inside a septic tank to see what’s going on. So call the experts in, call Drain Blitz to help. If you are having trouble with your septic tank, or if you are buying a new property connected to a septic tank, it’s important to get a thorough septic tank survey/inspection carried out.This usually involves emptying the septic tank, and carrying out a CCTV drainage survey of the pipes leading to and from the septic tank itself.  The structure of the tank itself is also checked for any possible damage such as root ingress or cracks, which is usually done with a camera lowered into the tank.

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